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Looking At The Week

This photo was taken Wednesday afternoon. 
The sky was amazing - blazing colors with 
alto cumulus clouds heralding the approach of a frontal system

I have been finding that having my little gem of a pocket camera ( Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7) with me at all times has greatly boosted the number of photographs I take in a day. I keep the camera in my purse and can easily pull over on the road and snap a shot. I love my Nikons - both SLR and DSLR- but they they were more cumbersome to tote along all the time. I've started taking a picture of tree that's outside my office window several times a week. It's going to be a year long exploration. It's a willow tree - and they are special to me anyway.
 Thursday morning a fog bank had settled in over the island.
The fog was thickest mid island where the valleys dip in and 
the fog sprites opened their cloaks to cover the land
This is a tree that stands by a lake on my route to and from town.
It's where all of the cormorants hang out.
When the sun is out they spread their wings and preen
 The willow tree that's outside of my office window. 
My corvid friends like to hang out in the branches looking 
over the landscape in search of a tasty morsel- even in the cold and fog.
Yesterday we had a Textile Guild meeting on one of my favorite island - Shaw. 
The ferry docks were cluttered with sea birds trying to stay out of the worst of the weather. 
Staying out of the storm can make for odd dock fellows!

 I don't get to see friend Jan Renzelman too often since she lives on Orcas
but she brought this beautiful show and tell item.
It's a "Fiesta Cloth" (from Handwoven magazine) 
that she had just taken off her loom! It's cheerful colors brightened the day!
This is the wonderful Shaw Island Community Center where the meeting was held.
Shaw is a small island with only one, very small, very limited, general store. 
I always look forward to visiting

The presentation yesterday was given by Meli of Melitours. Meli conducts textile travel tours of Turkey (her homeland), Syria, Jordan, the Silk Road and Morocco. We learned a lot about the history Turkey and the history of their famous textiles. It was very informative and very well done. If I ever win the lottery I would happily embark on a Silk Road tour.....well, after I revisit Britain, Ireland and Italy that is !

I hadn't felt like going to the meeting yesterday. Weather and fatigue conspired to make it an uncomfortable day - but I am very glad that my friend, Janet, fussed at me enough that I got out of the easy chair to join her! It was well worth the journey to meet up with with old friends and enjoy meeting some new ones too. Friend Susan even provided rides - making it a much more comfortable day! Thank you friends!


  1. I'm glad you went to the meeting. When I'm tired and down, what I need is to get out with friends-always feel better then.


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