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Thread Matters and Easter Joy

  My enchantmnt with embroidery continues unabated. Who knew?! I recently finished this 14" square; my interpretation of a pattern from Kathy Schmitz' book "Stitches From The Garden". She has another new book coming out soon called " Stitches For The Yuletide" . I like her books because the designs can so easily be made your own. I have been working on some original designs (my own) lately and am looking forward to trying one of them soon. For quite a few years now I have been a fan of Wonderfil threads . My delight began innocently enough when I tried their luscious cotton thread called Konfetti. It's a 50 wt and is comparable to Superior Threads Masterpiece 50 wt cotton and Aurifil 50wt cotton, Konfetti has a lustrous, silky feel. For the record, I am also a fan of Masterpiece and Aurifil threads, but Wonderfil has developed some really unique thread lines and I cannot help jumping on their fan-wagon. I think that they have a unique line up of thre

Sometimes Doing Nothing Is Productive

A bag of soon-to-be-divested fabric and books   I have not produced much lately, partially because my small sewing area is just too messy and chaotic right now. I have always preferred tidy, but in the past I have been able to work amidst clutter and fabric piles. The older I become, though, the more my "clutter-piles" bother me. Although I cannot control anyone else's clutter (i.e. DH), I can try to control my own! I feel strangled by "stuff" and so it is time for ...... ...... another round of serious "clear-the-clutter". I am bagging fabric and books that need new homes and I am trying to be a bit more ruthless than I have been in past. My tastes have morphed, and I think that I have identified the new directions that I want to explore. The photo above is a nearly filled bag, with another 3-4 bags in the works, of things that will soon be re-homed. I enjoy taking my "no-longer-needed" things to our monthly guild "Sewcials". We