Thread Matters and Easter Joy


My enchantmnt with embroidery continues unabated. Who knew?! I recently finished this 14" square; my interpretation of a pattern from Kathy Schmitz' book "Stitches From The Garden". She has another new book coming out soon called "Stitches For The Yuletide". I like her books because the designs can so easily be made your own. I have been working on some original designs (my own) lately and am looking forward to trying one of them soon.

For quite a few years now I have been a fan of Wonderfil threads. My delight began innocently enough when I tried their luscious cotton thread called Konfetti. It's a 50 wt and is comparable to Superior Threads Masterpiece 50 wt cotton and Aurifil 50wt cotton, Konfetti has a lustrous, silky feel. For the record, I am also a fan of Masterpiece and Aurifil threads, but Wonderfil has developed some really unique thread lines and I cannot help jumping on their fan-wagon. I think that they have a unique line up of threads with weights suitable for embellishment and embroidery (my thing is hand work, but they work just as well for machine embroidery. I plan to write a series of posts about their threads as I add to my collection (aka my thread palette).

Wonderfil is the company that produces some of Sue Spargos thread lines. Eleganza is a radiant perle cotton embroidery thread on wound on spools rather than the familiar ball format. Their perle cottons are also offered in the familiar ball style as well. Eleganza is offered in sizes 3,5 and 8 and is available in a wide range of solids and variegated. It can make your project sing. I fell in love with the threads several years ago, but never anticipated that the ultimate "trophy thread collection" would one day live with me! I am now pursuing a rayon line called Dazzle that will be perfect for highlighting areas.

Red Thread Studio is also an excellent thread resource. They offer a Sue Spargo Eleganza monthly thread program with quite a few options. This kind of monthly program makes collecting this thread easier financially

My favorite weight threads to use for embroidery are 12 and 8. I have been using Sulky Petites in size 12 for some years now. It is excellent quality and I love the spool size of their 'Petites'. I will soon be adding some of Wonderfil's brand of 12wt cotton to my collection - they call it 'Spaghetti'.

Below is an example of the 8wt Eleganza thread on the left and Sulky Petite size 12 on the right

The thread in the picture below is another new favorite. It I enjoy twining it with a 12wt thread onto a single needle. It adds just the right am unit of sparkle...not too much and not too little. What can I say? I cannot help myself! I bought my small spools at Red Thread Studio .
Below: The full extent of my small Shabon-Dama collection
Wishing everyone a very happy Easter weekend.
I hope that the Easter Bunny fills your basket with joy!



  1. Please forgive my ignorance, but the threads you are showing are hand embroidery threads? I have done hand embroidery off and on for years, but have always just used DMC embroidery threads. The threads you are showing look like machine embroidery threads, but I can tell you work is hand embroidery and it is really beautiful.

  2. Oh Marie, not only is your stitch piece gorgeous, but the treasure chest of thread has me twitching. Thanks for the info and enjoy stitching!

  3. Lovely post--wish I had more money for threads. I am starting out slowly. thanks for the tips.

  4. This is just spectacular, bring it in for show and tell next time you come see me!

  5. I really enjoyed this post and learning about different threads from you. I like your embroidery too - do you use a shading technique with wax crayon?
    perry92044 at hotmail dot com


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