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New Things & Thoughts on Being A Country Mouse

Once again time has slipped by since my last update. I wish I knew why I lapse so...but it is what it is. I have found a few new treasures, made a couple of new clothes and had a wonderful time with here are few of the highlights of my recent ramblings and musings... New books that I love: Yikes ...could not find a larger image... but it is a wonderful, beautiful book! This is a block that I made in a class with Patricia a few days before the book was released. New duds made: PJ's made from a a fitted queen sheet that developed a hole...better than wasting fabric. I made them just to see if I could.. ...and a new dress/tunic made from some luscious brushed stretch cotton twill fabric (cinnabar color). Showing my usual "match-the-pattern-on-the-pocket" play. New tools and gadgets: Coats and Clark's. I imagine that most of us who sew know about Coats and Clark's...especially their dual duty thread. Not many us use it anymore our tastes for