Trying Out "Paper Blooms" by Jeffery Rudell

  • Paperback: 132 pages
  • Publisher: Lark Crafts (April 2, 2013)
  • ISBN-13: 978-1454703501

I was, most thankfully, provided with a copy of "Paper Blooms" by Jeffrey Ruddell and Lark Crafts to read and review. My review is long overdue, but I really had wanted to take some time to play before I reviewed the book. I also happen to be on a design team for Niji/Yasutomo, and I decided t pair up my paper bloom explorations using some of their "Fold'Ems Origami papers.  I have never done origami, but this paring of blooms and paper seemed like a good match to me! I thought that having some color around the house might make the approaching time change (remember it's on November 3rd!) easier for me. I always hate the change in time because it always manages to throw me off for a bit.
I really enjoyed this book a lot, and I have enjoyed going through the pages, reading the directions, and then altering them a bit to suit my own needs. The author makes beautiful use of paint ships for flowers, and I will have to give that a try. The origami paper works well though.  These flowers are made based on the author's work, but my process is just a bit different due to the fact that I tend towards a bit of impatience!

Here is the package of Yasutomo Origami paper.
The paper that I chose for this project are plain, solid colors
 but Yasutomo also offer a variety of beautiful prints

I stacked a colorful selection of full size papers and taped them to my cutting mat
using painter's blue tape for delicate surfaces (using the tape made for delicate surfaces is important because when you remove the tape you don't want to tear the paper). The tape also provides you with a good start and stop place for cutting (see below)

Using your favorite Exacto or craft  knife cut the paper(s) every 1/8 of an inch across the width of the paper(s); starting and stopping at the line of tape.
Carefully remove the tape.

Add roll on tape, double sided tape, glue or glue stick to the bottom
edge of the paper.

Carefully fold the paper from the top down to the glued edge, being careful not to
tangle the loops as you do so.
Using a stick or a paint brush, carefully roll the bottom of the paper.
Add a dab of glue at the beginning and end of the roll.
I used hot glue here, but most any glue would work I think.
If you want to add a small 'collar' of another paper to the bottom of the roll.
Roll up a scrap piece of paper and insert it into the bottom of the bloom with a
piece of floral wire (or other type of wire) in the center. Fill it up with hot glue. I had never much used hot glue before, so I must warn you to be careful when you use it. It really is HOT glue. Ask me why I had to add this caution! Let is set up briefly, and then set aside to cool thoroughly.
Make some leaves if you want ! This particular leaf pattern is in the book, but you can just as easily free form cut leaves. Make sure you leave some sort of 'tail' on the bottom of the leaf so that you can attach them to the 'stem'.
Wrap floral tape around the wire, carefully attaching the 'tail' of any leaves that you may have chosen to add in the process.
Voila! Instant (well, almost instant), colorful gratification! 
Fast, graceful color for a grey day or a special day!


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