A Good Reason To NOT Throw A Magazine Away Too Quickly!

I often toss magazines quickly - especially if I have not, at first glance, seen anything that tickles my fancy. This cover is from the Holiday 2011 issue of Knit Simple Magazine. In my initial "flip through" nothing caught my eye but, rather than toss it away as I generally do, I stuck in a magazine pile. Last weekend as I sorted the magazines to either keep or 'round file'  I noticed Vicki Howell's cowl on the cover. Not quite my color or style but it intrigued me. I had some beautiful Madeline Tosh Merino in colorway Byzantine (worsted weight) in my stash - enough to try this pattern withing spending any additional money right away.
This pattern is knit carrying two strands on the needles throughout the pattern. Using size 11 needles felt ungainly to my hands since I've been using lace weight yarns recently. I love cables and, although this is a simple cable, it really is an effective design element. The pattern knit up quickly, looks great and surely keeps my tender neck (short hair!) warm.  Yes, another is already on my needles.
The most difficult thing was finding buttons to use! These are from my vintage stash and look fine - and are a good color match. Unfortunately they are also a bit too small - so I'm keeping my eyes peeled for more suitable sized buttons.

The Madeline Tosh yarn is luxurious; soft and warm and lovely to work with. I'm glad I took another look at this magazine - and since I had let my subscription lapse - I just renewed it!
This is the quite to true the 'real' color of this beautiful yarn. Warm, rich, mellow reds.


  1. Ooh, very nice! I imagine that knit up very quickly, too.

  2. You see, as someone who has super short hair and a bare neck knitting one of these would be wonderful! I'm so tired of having cold neck & ears! I don't like wearing a hoodie as it cuts your hearing some. I can see adding a soft layer that could come up and wrap the head too.


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