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Recent Finishes

Just a quick update since it has been awhile....


These are just what they look like; a not very remarkable pair of flannel pajamas made from Kwik Sew's pattern 3553. In shopping for flannel fabrics I have found that the price per yard, as for all fabrics, keeps going up. I had often wondered if I could get a pair of pajamas from a sheet since I often see sheets in patterns that I like on sale for reasonable prices. My wondering had never gone very far until the bottom queen sized fitted from a set developed a very large, un-repairable, hole. The top sheet was fine and can easily be paired with a solid color fitted sheet, but the the bottom sheet was headed for the rag pile until I wondered again....would a set of pj's be possible to make from a queen sized fitted sheet that had a very large hole?


I didn't have anything to lose and so I tried. Cutting pattern pieces out to avoid the ripped area was challenging; I barely made it work. Since I made a mistake cutting the collar and because there no remnants available, I had to find a suitable, reasonably coordinating, fabric for the collar and in searching my stash I unearthed a quarter yard of brown flannel that I have had since 2004. Of course, the brown color needed to tie in somewhere else so I added cuffs on the sleeves. It a perfect solution but do-able. Now, I can continue to enjoy this simple flannel pattern for awhile longer as a pair of pajamas and I did answer my question...yes, I can easily use flannel sheets to make pajamas.

This week I also finished a lightweight small summer shawl. A friend gave me a gift certificate to Fidalgo Artisan Yarn Company for my birthday this past year and I bought 2 skeins of this lovely "Silk Naturelle". The pattern is from Woolenberry and was purchased through Ravelry. It's called "Interlude" and is seriously easy, gratifying shawlette to knit.

I have also been spending time in the kitchen...which has become a much more rare event lately. I have been happily experimenting with Artisan round loaf banneton arrived today and some dough is rising in in the oven.

More fresh bread tonight...not great for my gluten issues, but oh! so tasty if I don't eat much! I still have problems getting the loaves to rise to a nice rounded dome...they spread more to the sides than at the top. I know that using a cloche would help at lot, but they are least if you want the cast iron enameled one. For now I experiment. It tastes great...just not as great for sandwiches etc.

Cloche suggestions?

Enjoy the rest of your week!



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