Hummingbird Haven

Although not the best images from a technical point of view I think they give can give you an idea of what sunset is like at our house. On this side of the house we have 4 quart sized feeders out. They are filled daily. At sunset we can hear these little creatures tanking up for the cool night - they create a steady, strong humming noise that is unmistakable.  As near as I can count there are at least 25 birds around each feeder as the sun sets - on some nights it seems like there are even more
I am in awe of these hardy little creatures who make such long journeys and always see to come "home" in the Spring. This year we did have two over wintering pairs - so we kept "juice' up all winter - thawing it as needed on very cold days. They amaze me and I am always excited to see their them return around Saint Patty's Day each year - and leave in mid July. I wonder if the same two pairs will remain behind this year too?!


  1. Oh, my goodness. I have never seen so many hummers in one place.

  2. Wow! I feel lucky to see one hummingbird at a time! this is amazing!!

  3. Oh my gosh, Marie! I get excited when we have a couple in the yard. My parents used to have swarms of hummers like that in Snohomish. I'd best get my feeders up! Ours usually show up the first week of May.

  4. That's amazing! I've seldom seen more than two or three at a feeder, and they try to chase each other away. These little fellas must have been pretty hungry to have overcome their natural antipathy to sharing.


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