Lost Crates Encore! Treat Yourself To A Stylish Surprise!

"Crated" items: Bottom right to left : Skillet Bacon Spread, Alchemy Goods 'Night Out" wallet, Chef'n Pinch & Pour little bowls, and a wonderful bamboo dry-erase note board
The wild and fun entrepreneurs at "LOST CRATES" sent me a surprise in the mail. My last review of this very cool company was in OCTOBER 2011 and they have grown their business by leaps and bounds since then. They now offer a multitude of new theme crates that include: Eco, Foodie, "Found In", Housewares, Stationary (of course!), Jack's Picks, Angie's Picks & Petite Stationary. Another new, upgraded feature is that, rather than having to sign up for a monthly surprise, you are able to choose to receive a 'quarterly' mailing. Just think of how much fun it would be to find an artfully decorated "crate' on your doorstep"- a surprise that will make you smile widely.

In addition they now offer "a la carte" shopping - a real boon if you have a hankering for one of their nifty, unique products but can't go all out this month or that for the whole shebang Crate experience. We all deserve a surprise - a mystery gift that we give ourselves. 

I should mention that Lost Crates has retained their wonderful, whimsical, little test that I had mentioned in my earlier post about this unique companies vision) - lest you are not sure what Crate is really "the" one for you.  Crates are also a wonderful gift item - a mystery for both you and the recipient...but a gift that you can be sure will bring much pleasure and delight!
My Crate is "Found In: Seattle" - near enough to my magical rural island to bring me a taste of what's in vogue in our Emerald City by the sea.  Each item was useful and unique - and things that I have doubt I would not have encountered without "Lost Crates" magic. 
  • The Alchemy Goods 'Night Out' wallet is thin enough to stash in a back pocket - ready to carry the essentials of a good evening. Best thing about the wallet? It's made from recycled bicycle inner tubes - soft, pliant and oh! so green.
  • Bamboo Dry Erase board makes you think twice about leaving a note for your family. The bamboo board is beautiful to feel and look at and it works perfectly with the dry erase pen (provided) . This is a rockin' little board. 8.75 inches tall and 5.25 inches wide - it comes with a non-slip backing too. Made from 'green' managed forestry.
  • Skillet Bacon Spread: I think it's safe to say that most of love our bacon in one way or another. This yummy spread can be used as a saute or spread on the bun or bread for your burger or sandwich. Serving size is one ounce that provides 80 calories, 4g of protein and only 3g carbohydrates. Yes, it really IS good stuff! No nasty ingredients were noted on the label either!Another Seattle find!
  • Chef'n Pinch & Pour mini ingredient bowls. I have to admit to having lusted for this colorful little culinary bowls in the past. Personally, I think that they are super useful both in the kitchen and in the studio. They are really a handy item and I thrilled to see them nestled in the package.
This is the wonderful stamp that adorns each Crate. I love the design and it does remind me that snail mail still rules when it comes to fun and memories. You can't quite take the same sort of pleasure from an email as you can for a surprise "Lost Crate" !

Give yourself a mystery box of goodies designed just for you. Head on over to Lost Crates and make yourself the happy expectant recipient of your very own Lost Crate!


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