The Most Glorious Dessert

 I have to admit to having a sweet tooth. I'm not that fond of ice cream or pies - and even candy comes second to my love of cake and other delightful, ethereal sweet treats. DH goes hunting for special desserts to delight me, and last night he presented me with this jewel. I was absolutely astounded at how beautifully presented the special treat was. This dessert company, called Alki Bakery I think, makes some of the most elegant desserts that I have ever seen. All as luscious to eat as they are beautiful to behold, The things that they manage to do with think chocolate layers is amazing!
This little beauty had thin petals of white and dark chocolate, formed into a cup that looked like a tulip to me. I was expecting a minty flavor in the middle based upon the slight green color, but it was a delectable ambrosia like concoction instead. The dessert was a perfect balance of sweet but not too too rich. Amazing. It was difficult to eat such a beautiful thing - but I managed to devour it anyway, savoring each tasty morsel!


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