Sand & Sea Morlynn Shawl

I have to say that I am surprised at how much the knitting bug has struck me! I just can't stop. It's the perfect thing for the evenings! I began knitting this full sized shawl on March 2nd and finished it on March 27th. I love it ! The pattern is available on Ravelry and is called the Morlynn Shawl I like it enough that I may well knit a second!

I used a size 4 needle. The end result is a 66"(167.64 cm)  wingspan by 31" (78.740 cm) maximum depth at bottom.

The center section does get boring but as I knit I knew that it would be worth it. The lace edging is fun,easy and looks wonderful! The pattern is very well written and is very easy to follow - both written and charted directions are included.
The yarn that I used is Tosh Merino Light in Jasper and Sand Dune colorways. One skein of each is all you need, and you end up with just a very little bit left of the main color and some yards of the lace edge color. I love this yarn. It's got a lovely shimmer to it, and it's soft and lovely to knit with.

 In order to hold the two colors together just a bit more I bound off with a double strand so that both colors were included at te very end. It's a very minor detail, but I preferred the look.
Next up on the needles is another beaded Caladan shawl - Madeline Tosh Pashima in Tart (color below) 


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