Sleepy Cat & Bird's Lodge

"Yawn! It's been a hard day around here... I need a nap"

Most of you who are owned by a feline know how much they love to snuggle in somewhere. Tillie has claimed the bed as her own since the first day that she arrived. She deigns to allow us to use it at certain times of the day and night!

Lately, she has developed a way tucking herself in without our help. She burrows in on one side of the bed and then winds her way underneath the cover until she finds the best place to lay her head.

"Why are you bothering me?"
"Now I'm ready for a snooze"
The images are not great quality - it was dark in the room and the flash would have irritated her highness greatly - so these are the best I could do!
I was asked to test a new product for a company (more on who when it is available), and the simple instructions read " make it artsy, craftsy, functional or fun". I must have had birds on my mind because I set to making this bird lodge from the material. It has been sent off, but I snapped these couple of pics before it went in the box. Quite honestly, I am not proud of the construction, but they did not provide enough to make another, better, one. 
I think if I ever get it back I may actually hang it in a tree and see what happens. The product would impede water. It might not work in cold weather but for the summer it would be fine around here. 
I added this sentiment which is viewable only if you look in through the hole. NOw I need to make another from a different material and make it look right!


  1. I am so glad to that someone else has cat that rules the house including the bed...My Simon waits for me to get in bed at night then he jumps up beside me makes a few circles and then plops down beside in spoon fashion...If I happen to start off on the other side, he will pat in the face until I turn over and we can spoon.....What have we done.....we are their slaves..but oh aren't they worth it.....


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