Revisiting Clothes Sewing

It has been many years since I have sewn any clothing. Once the quilting bug hit making clothes went by the wayside. I think I have mentioned that the book "Overdressed: The High Cost of Cheap Fashion" by Elizabeth Cline really hit home for me. I decided that whipping up a few tops would be a nice change of pace. In all honesty I had forgotten how quick and simple the sort of clothes that I like to wear are to stitch. This little tee took only about an time to cut the pattern out. I made a second one in a lightweight. chambray that I have not photographed.


My friend, Lauren, and I went on a hunt for apparel fabrics the other week during a trip to the mainland. Joann Fabrics was a dismal disappointment. This plaid seersucker cotton was the only thing that I managed to unearth that was suitable...and the price was right!

I managed to match the plaid on the sides but need more practice to get the sleeves better matched.
Thankfully, I found some great rayons and Alison Glass cottons at a favorite Anacortes, Washington shop...Fabics Plus. I have been wearing more blues lately..very odd!
Below is the Grainline's pattern for the woven edition of the "Scout Tee". Three little pattern pieces! So dang easy!
Below is another pattern that I will try...but I want to adjust the pattern just a bit at the neckline. I am trolling the Internet for patterns for the simple, casual, style that I prefer. The odd thing is that both Lauren and I got this pattern without knowing that the other had bought it too! I am finding that shopping for apparel fabric online is a bit frustrating. I like simple patterning in colors that are not too bright and loud (rather different from some of my quilts!) I think Japanese fabrics (Etsy is a great resource for these) seem to suit my taste the best. I am seeing many cottons that are simple and a bit unusual, but have not bought any yet. I want to practice on some less expensive materials and get my "clothing sea legs" back under me for a bit.

I need help from any of you who might also sew clothing:

Where do you find great fabrics? Any online resources?

Do you have any simple patterns that you like and would recommend?




  1. I usually go with one of the big 3 - Butterick, McCalls or Simplicity and stick to one labelled "easy". Check both online or at store for Burda patterns. Also, I wait until Joanne's has their patterns on sale and stock up on them when they are $1 or so each. The costume patterns, which can be double digits, are my main target.

  2. This little tee took only about an time to cut the pattern out. I made a second one in a lightweight. chambray that I have not photographed. kids sewing machine

  3. Reverse Osmosis System Reviews Hopefully you can just see the raised rose stitch. It wasn't a lot to go on but it looked just the sort of thing I was looking for to adorn another branch of my sampler tree.

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