Basic Short Sleeve Shirt

What fun! I have been taking a foray back to some light apparel sewing. For me these days tops are my main "fashion accessory"...and I have always enjoyed wearing nice tops . I have made several "woven tees" from several different patterns and finally decided that it was time to make a button down shirt. This one is from Brensan Studios (Etsy) and is the "Basic Short Sleeve Shirt". Easy easy pattern.

What had me a bit worried was buttonholes...but my memories were from using somewhat "Stone Age" machines. Using my Janome MC8900 though, making perfect buttonholes -and in a shape I prefer (rounded)- was as easy as pie! Wow! that's one sewing machine foot that is worth it's weight in gold! I was surprised!

One surprise for me has been that finding the more simple patterns that I prefer in apparel fabric are difficult to find. This is a Heather Bailey Rayon from her "Momentum" collection. The color is called "Navy Factor". It's soft and drapery and I love everything about it. I got this from and they are now sold out of it. I want to make a long sleeve shirt (a different pattern) from it and, thankfully, I have found some in Etsy..and Heather Bailey still has some in her online shop.

I have had these silvery buttons since about 1992...Lord only knows what Inhad been planning to use hem for way back then! Luckily, I seem to have a horde of various, silvery, buttons. Now they will get used!

Sewing apparel has been really fun for me. Re-learning forgotten skills is a good thing. I wonder now why Imstopped making clothes when I began to make quilts. It's all sewing but I think that the skill set is just a bit different for each. I definitely can easily figure alternate ways to accomplish things better now with all the quilting that I have done.

I have learned a lot already and this pattern was the first that I graded to suit my body from a multi-size pattern. Eureka! it worked! What sewing freedom!

I'm to go make and transfer a new pattern to Swedish pattern paper. I love using this stuff... It makes it possible to not have to cut you tissue pattern if you ever need a smaller (in my dreams) or larger (more likely!) rendition...your pattern tissue pattern is still all together and usable. Birch Stree clothing makes it but my stash of it came from Amazon. A roll goes a long way



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