Weekend Earring Experiments

I've been wanting to make some earrings for a long time and I took being on vacation as an opportunity to make some last weekend. I already had everything on hand - most of it bought long ago when the temptation to make earrings first interested me. 

Top left to right: 
amethyst, freshwater seed pearls and silver
Orangeaid: orange glass 'hearts' that I've had for years, orange saucer beads,black Swarovski crystals
Square pearls (silver) 'cheese', black Swarovski crystals and silver mice

Bottom left to right:
round pearls (copper), moonstone chips and gold spacer beads
lamp work beads that friend Janet gave to me years ago, moonstone chips, gold spacer beads
briolettes (not sure what they are), silver cats and assorted seed bead spacers

I had a lot of fun making these earrings and expect I will make more. Since I'm looking towards the future when my Social Security will be poverty level (but hey! I won't have to be at work!) I am thinking up ways that I can supplement my income. I'll want to sell some of the things I make but I don't know what would sell. 

My question to you is: do you think I would be able to sell any of these earrings? Would you pay $25.00 for them? No? How much? I don't buy earrings for myself so I have no idea of what is and isn't a fair price - nor do I have any idea what people may or may not find attractive.  Your comments would really help  guide the direction I take. Thanks in advance !


  1. Nice earrings. A good way to use your treasures.

  2. I love hand-made earrings and necklaces and will buy them at art fairs, etc. For the earrings above, I'd probably be willing to pay between $15-$20. They're all nice!

  3. Hi Marie, I'm catching up with your blog posts and if you ever need an understanding ear on SS/poverty level/making art, I'm here.

    Your earrings are wonderful and 25 would be my top price for paying for earrings.

  4. and I guess I should be more hesitant about weeding out my supplies, huh? You give me hope that I'll eventually get around to using them :)


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