Opposites - ATC's for August

Starting my cards for Arts In The Cards this month was a truly grounding exercise for me. The burble at work threw me off center for a bit and it was art that got me back on track - but not without a few false starts! The theme this month was 'opposites' and my cards explore the opposites of smooth and not smooth, light and dark, glossy and matte. I used one of my hand carved stamps on cotton with ink, the word 'explore' (because that's what I like to do), and a bit 'o gloss.
I was, finally happy with my cards. I say finally because I had made half of another set that I couldn't connect to and wasn't happy with. Despite the time wasted I decided to toss them and start all over again. The first set (see the photo below) was simply too fussy and packed for my liking. They made me uncomfortable to look at. I'm glad I tossed them - but thought you'd like see how I got from there to here - is it here to there?
These were added to the proverbial 'round' file


  1. Both sets are nice. I can see that you would prefer the top ones.

  2. These are so detailed and yummy. I know how frustrating it is for me when my first (or second, or third) attempt isn't satisfying, but I'm trying to learn not to think of it as a waste of time, because I think we sometimes need to work things out physically in order to get down to what's real

    Love these colors, too!

  3. Hi Marie!
    Today I received a wonderful postcard with your art and it made me so happy, and gave me a little laugh. These days I do feel a little bit cracked sometimes ;-) Thank you so much for joining the postcardswap! And last but not least, I love your blog, had fun browsing through the posts.

  4. Hi Marie. I can't see a place to contact you, so I'll leave the message here. I received one of your gorgeous post cards! How lucky am I. Such incredibly beautiful work you do. Thank you for sharing in such a way and 'putting it out there'. My father's first cousin's name was Zee (Zerada) ... an unusual name. Come visit me at http://www.donnadidit.net/. PS. I used to be a quilter when I lived in the far north in Canada ... so I truly 'appreciate' what you do. regards, Donna

  5. I am so happy you're a part of artsee bloggers. I was sorry to hear your job was eliminated (same thing happened to my husband 2 years ago and I know how devastating it can be). Keep the faith!


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