The Truth ABout Myself

My friend Maria sent me this beautiful quote from Macrina Wiederkehr.

Oh God
Help me to believe 
The truth about myself
No matter how 
beautiful it is.

 For some reason this quote spoke loudly and clearly to me and I thought perhaps it might speak to you as well. How many times have people complimented us (me,you) and, rather than accepting the sincere praise, have we side stepped the compliment thinking that the person was "just being nice"? I've done this all my life and it hasn't helped my self esteem issues one little bit. This is a thought pattern that I simply have to break... at least try to break!

Happy mid week to all !


  1. Wow! That is a powerful quote. Just yesterday a friend reminded me that I don't let others know my accomplishments. She feels that I should. Thanks for sharing this! I also love how you are combing photography and quotes! Very nice.

  2. I can still hear and see Christy Hinkle --when I was about to protest how a piece of mine wasn't so good after she complimented it-- saying (very kindly) "Sarah, the proper response is "Thank you." So I gulped and said thank you (even though I wasn't really sure the piece was good).

    I've since realized that in talking yourself down, downplaying your work, one is in a sense telling the person giving you the compliment that their opinion is wrong / unworthy. Not a nice thing to do. So I say thank you, and wonder if maybe whatever it is DOES have more merit than I see in it...

    Hugs, Sarah

  3. PS---I'm enjoying your favorite tools post. Is this the substrate you mentioned with the script on it? Photo by you added somehow (transfer, printed on the printer, ???)... and text...your writing (doesn't quite look like your hand) or font??? It is beautifully done!

  4. Wow - love I was reading I was expecting a whole different ending. Gave me goosebumps!


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