Round Robin Book Almost Ready To Set Free.

This top photograph is simple a piece of black fabric that must have seen some sun and gotten 'burned'. The effect of the 'burn' is enchanting though as the selvedge line mirrored the opposite and the effect makes the bluish area look like a beautiful piece of woven silk- which is more obvious if you double click on the photo.

Actually I think double clicking all of the photos will give you a better idea of what this is all about .
I used my chop in wax on the front cover.
In other news. Pen Stuart has started a little a journal round robin. So, by August 29th nine of us will send our books on to another person who will add pages. We we all chose a theme - loosely interpretable- and my choice was typography (letters, calligraphy). Some of the other fun themes are: Along The Line, Beauty of The Earth, Music: Lose Control, Quotes: More Than Words, get the idea.

I chose to go small with my journal and chose a small size water color journal from Moleskine. I like the size and think it will suit my them.
The right side of the front cover.
The flashy back side (left side) of the front cover. Gold and cloth dots worked well for a bit of bling.
As you open the book this is what you'll see. That's my card on the right in a little pocket

Next page is the sign in page.
My first page - fancy first letter

Next double page a collage of letter forms.  

I may consider adding one more page before I send this little book off into the world. I'll be gone this week so I I may send it sooner rather than later though. I'll be so pleased to see what treasures it will hold when I next have in my hands !


  1. Once again, excellent work. I really like the typography theme. I will be taking a typography class with my web design classes next semester. I can't wait. My dad sold printing equipment to newspapers and small printing firms in the 60's and 70's. I use to pick up extra money by cleaning type when he was doing work on the side. At one point we have several huge boxes of wooden type in our attic when they were out of style. Now I would give anything to have some of it.

  2. Your book & pages look great Marie. Certainly looks like it will be a fun book to work in, I can't wait! Ux

  3. Thanks for the article. Very interesting.


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