Leaf Prints Shawlette by Anne Hanson for Kollage Yarn

This is called the Leafprints Shawlette by Anne Hanson for Kollage yarns. I knit this with Cascade Heritage sock yarn in Italian Plum which I like especially because it has undertones of red and is a deep, rich, purple. It's an unusual choice of color for me! I was a bit concerned about how this pattern would turn out because of the slightly higher percentage of nylon in the yarn and, also, the somewhat thicker weight of this yarn compared to the recommended yarns from Kollage; Creamy, 1/2 & 1/2 or sockalicious, but none were readily available to me. I shouldn't have worried because this project turned out so very well. The yarn is soft and, after blocking, it was perfect!

I had never used a HiyaHiya circular knitting needle before, and I have to admit to be verysurprised at how much I liked them! I've been an Addi Turbo gal since I first began knitting but I would love to have a set of Hiya Hiya interchangeable circulars now. What I like is that they are very light, very pointy and very, very comfortable to knit with. I looked at a set of their interchangeable needles that a friend has and the connection is super smooth with a very nice, smooth, flexible, cord. They are less weighty than Turbos and, in my opinion, knit as quick too. I had no hand or wrist fatigue using the the US3 circular. Less money and great quality? Yes, it's a good thing I think!


  1. Purple is MY color....so I think you should send it onto North Carolina! Wonderful job as usual....

  2. I Love Hiya Hiya "sharp" interchangeables too. I have several sets I now prefer them and use them almost exclusively.

    Happy Knitting,

  3. Ok, now I have another thing to check out.....Hiya needles.....love the color and the pattern of the shawl.


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