Fiber Thrincies = New Mixed Media Fun

One of the side trades over at heARTist Trading Cards is for 'thrincies'; or  three inch squares. I plan to use the thrincies that I get to make a small treasure box with. heARTist Trading Cards is all about the love of small art. Our regular, monthly, trades are made in the standard ATC format of 3.5" X 2.5". The fun thing about this group is that we always have side trades going. Our side trades are always optional to participate in, and the trades are, generally, all focused on 'small art'. I love being able to explore a variety of shapes and themes, and the group is short on rules which makes participation even more of an exploratory bit of fun.
For this set of 'thrincies' I used a muslin piece that I had, at one time, used to wipe a printing plate clean with. I overprinted it with a simple pattern and then added paper bits and a quote for added textural appeal.

For the backs of the 'thrincies' I monoprinted another muslin piece with a limited palette of only three colors and then added the word joy - because that's what playing with the 'thrincie' theme brought me ! Next side trade is "Foursies", yep, that's right a four inch theme...maybe another box? Maybe a montage. It all equals fun!


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