Neck Friendly Reading Pillow

My friend, Janet, made one of these pillows and gave me a copy of the pattern...don’t worry, it is a free pattern from Sew4Home. I do a lot of reading in bed...and have neck issues and she thought this pattern would be a helpful thing. The linen blend Japanese fabric that I used had been in my collection for some time and seemed like a perfect choice.

You can see that you cut three patten pieces. It makes for a result that looks somewhat like a dog-bone and creates a perfect curved area for your head with great support on the sides to boot!

I just used a leftover selvedge edge of neutral linen for a handle and I also added a 7-inch zipper just because I like to be able to easily “unstuff” pillows so that I can wash them, or easily add or remove some stuffing. It isn’t called for in the pattern and really is not necessary.

I have to confess to making this pillow rather my curves are not perfect.
It took less than an hour to make....a bit more than the predicted 30-minutes.

This image gives you an idea of how the three panels make for a comfortable shape.

My spouse, who almost never asks me to make anything for him, wants one of these pillows which I am very happy to do. Janet’s husband had the same reaction.

This is an excellent FREE pattern that makes a very useful, comfortable, item. I think that they would makes a great quick gift too. It makes a good “stitching” pillow too.

Thank you for suggesting this Janet ! ❤️


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