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Mask Making Information Sheet

New Fashions

Our local hospital asked us to make masks for them. They supplied this autoclave wrap material for us to use. Mask making seems to be the fashion thing right now but there are so many variant designs, purposes, fabric facts and fallacies etc that is hard to know what is right.

The masks we are making here are designed to be worn OVER their N95 masks. We are using the basic pattern offered by Providence St.Joseph Medical Center....the link is attached below. Your dimensions, design etc, may vary in many ways. 

I wrote this “information sheet” because so many people in our group had questions. I tried to write a pattern, but the wordy directions made a very simple pattern seem very complicated. The video really IS THE BEST way to go.

Links that I personally found to be helpful are listed at the end. I could have added more...more sometimes the KISS principal really works better!

Please note the one of the links is for a pattern for a personal use mask that includes an extra “filter” layer. Designed by a Taiwanese physician.

Also, the last link is an interesting read about what fabrics do or don’t and can and cannot offer protection. Bottom line is that plain cotton fabric, especially single layer cotton fabric, does basically nothing..and I have read elsewhere that can allow 97% of virus’ through.

This information may help...or may not...I find it hard to find 100% reliable answers. I hope in small way this can help make things a tiny bit easier if you are ready to start a mask making adventure.

Our medical professionals, our friends and families will appreciate our help nd our commitment to staying home, staying well and keeping the sunny side ip during these very surreal times.


These video directions are provided by Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center. It is the best instruction that I have found. The video directions are easy to follow here:


Note: there really is no “pattern”. It is just a rectangle of fabric. The fabric that the hospital is providing will be precut and ready to sew! When you sew, please remember to use your lock stitch or reverse sew at the beginning and end of each seam!

·      FabricIf you are using the fabric that was provided by Peace Island Peace Health it is ready to go
Ø   One (1)   piece cut to 7.5” X 15.00”

Ø   Four (4)  pieces cut to 1.00” X 17.00” 
·      Ruler
·      Fabric marker. 
·      Pins
·      Scissor and/or rotary cutter (cutting mat if using a rotary cutter)
·      Sewing machine
·      Thread for the machine. “Regular” 50wt (all purpose) cotton thread works). 
·      Machine needle; size 80/12. 

The image below is from Dave and Shauna Rand of The Sign Company.
The same great people who brought you pre-cut patterns!
Your precut fabric is already notched for you…no need to read further!
If you are cutting the fabric yourself, mark and number them as in the picture, then go for it!

Note the measurements (mm on left inches on the right). I did not have such a precise ruler and used half inch segments …which will work. Using the numbers in the image as an example: to pinch a tuck : pinch at numbers 6 and 4 matching the notches. Number 5 becomes the “peak” of the tuck.

Online resources and information:

The original video from Providence Saint Joseph with instructions:

The instruction sheet for face masks from Deaconess Health:

A instructive post with photographs for making a personal, more decorative, face mask

Designed by a Taiwanese physician…instructions for making a personal face mask that adds an extra “filter layer”.  

Here is an interesting article about what materials to use for making your own, personal, face masks.


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