Scrundle What?!

Some years ago I began to make my own garments after a very long hiatus (rather than just making quilts). If, at that time, someone had suggested that I make my own ‘unders’ I would have replied something along the lines ..”oh! heck no I won’t !”.  If life has taught me any lessons, one of them has been to “never say never”.

During a Zoom meeting a friend, Nancy, reported that had been making underwear. I was skeptical about the whole idea, but decided to have a look at the pattern she used. After buying the pattern (because why not?!) I was quite decided that it was very unlikely that I would like the design on myself since any sort of “boy short” had always been a very unflattering look. I have been buying the same design from a popular company for 30 years or more, and was quite convinced that no other design would be as comfortable. Anyway, why spend time buying knit fabrics and making your own underwear for heaven’s sake ?!

The pattern is called Scrundlewear 2.0 and it comes from Stitch Upon A Time. Once again, I proved myself wrong because, very surprisingly, they turned out to be the most comfortable “unders” that I have ever worn! What a revelation! Yes, I have made more and it is a kick to use fabrics that I love! This fabric is from Mimi G and is from her new line from “Melanated Fabrics”.

You do not need to use a serger to make these. Our sewing machines these days have several stitch choices that can be used successfully. I do have a Babylock Imagine serger though and that is what I use to make mine. The added bonus for me was that I had not used my serger much at all (just because of ignorance) and I had somehow convinced myself sewing knits was difficult. Eureka! Knits are not difficult to sew at all! So beyond finding the most comfy ‘unders’ of my life I have also overcome any lingering discomforts about using and loving both knit fabrics and my serger! 

If Nancy  had not started my on this sewing roll I doubt that I would ever have discovered this pattern and it would have taken my much longer to become fast friends with the sewing and knit fabrics! It was fortunate thing that I decided to give it a go on  whim. New sewing adventures, even small ones like these, are so liberating and fun!



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