Anybody Still There?

Reviving the blog has crossed my mind now and then, but each time it has I seem to let the thought pass. For one thing I just don’t have the “go juice” that I used to have and I also question whether most people are still interested in reading blogs anymore in this time of instant blurbs and the Tik-Tok generation. Videos are just not something that I do very often. That being said what I do miss about writing a blog is it’s place as a vehicle for reminding me about things I do and when I do/make them. With that thought in mind I am considering reviving my blog more regularly as of January 2024.

 In the time I have been away Google has made Blogger a bit more restrictive as a blogging platform with fewer available options. Also, in the interim, I have tried using a variety of other blog platforms with varying results on all. I have not found that any of them is as user friendly as Blogger, but perhaps it is just a matter of my being more comfortable using the platform that I am more familiar with. I tried using WordPress and, in fact, I did use it for a blog that I created for an organization - yet I don’t feel that it was ever an easy platform for me. SO - I will remain here with blogger and work with their limitations as best as possible.

The photo above is a current project called “Accordian” by The Modern Quilt Studio of Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr. Their column in Quilters Newsletter was always a favorite part of that excellent magazine ! It is one of several quilt related magazine that I miss. For me making these sections is just a bit of joyful time spent enjoying seeing how colors play against each other. It’s small quilt that I am making because of my need for a small quilt rather than my usual large, full sized, quilts.

The past several years have seen a b i g bump in my skillset as a quilter thanks to the amazing 1876 Centennial Quilt Project from Anne Dawson and her Lopez Island Quilters Studio. It was truly a master piecing class and I came away from the project as much more confident and comfortable quilter. You can make your own version of this remarkable quilt with Anne’s guidance.

Hopefully I will be back more regularly if only as a way to remind myself of where my time goes!


  1. I'm here. I use Blogger too. I write for myself mostly but I know how good it feels to get comments on a post. I use feedly to organize my blog feeds so when you start posting more regularly I will see them.

  2. Hi Marie I used to follow you in 2007 (!!). I'm reconnecting with blogger buddies and I just want to say how clean and inviting your blog looks. I love your header and love the piece with ribbons. Enjoy doing your work!


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