Birds Are The Words

Birds seem to be a recurring theme in my interests…and their time has rolled around again.

It all began in the way back time machine when I delighted in making felted crows made with my own designs and methods 

Recently I have enjoyed making fabric birds thanks to the absolutely delightful digital patterns and process from 

Ann Wood Handmade


And now we have a new flock that is beginning with my Northern FrankenFlicker . Thanks to the inimitable art mind of Judy CoatesPerez who just released this delightful bird pattern. The Northern Flicker is one of my most favorite birds - they are at our suet feeders regularly - so, since Judy had one of these birds on her website I used her inspiration for painting my Northern FrankenFlicker.



  1. Marie, your bird is sweet and kitty seems to be interested.
    glad to read your are making fabric arts still. SEASONS GREETINGS to you.
    be well, Sonja


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