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New Things & Thoughts on Being A Country Mouse

Once again time has slipped by since my last update. I wish I knew why I lapse so...but it is what it is. I have found a few new treasures, made a couple of new clothes and had a wonderful time with here are few of the highlights of my recent ramblings and musings...New books that I love: Yikes ...could not find a larger image... but it is a wonderful, beautiful book! This is a block that I made in a class with Patricia a few days before the book was released. New duds made:PJ's made from a a fitted queen sheet that developed a hole...better than wasting fabric. I made them just to see if I could.. ...and a new dress/tunic made from some luscious brushed stretch cotton twill fabric (cinnabar color). Showing my usual "match-the-pattern-on-the-pocket" play. New tools and gadgets: Coats and Clark's. I imagine that most of us who sew know about Coats and Clark's...especially their dual duty thread. Not many us use it anymore our tastes for fine q…

Recent Finishes

Just a quick update since it has been awhile.... These are just what they look like; a not very remarkable pair of flannel pajamas made from Kwik Sew's pattern 3553. In shopping for flannel fabrics I have found that the price per yard, as for all fabrics, keeps going up. I had often wondered if I could get a pair of pajamas from a sheet since I often see sheets in patterns that I like on sale for reasonable prices. My wondering had never gone very far until the bottom queen sized fitted from a set developed a very large, un-repairable, hole. The top sheet was fine and can easily be paired with a solid color fitted sheet, but the the bottom sheet was headed for the rag pile until I wondered again....would a set of pj's be possible to make from a queen sized fitted sheet that had a very large hole?I didn't have anything to lose and so I tried. Cutting pattern pieces out to avoid the ripped area was challenging; I barely made it work. Since I made a mistake cutting the collar…

Lessons Learned By Sewing

See this pattern envelope? It says that the pattern is "Easy". It was and it wasn't. In my continuing quest to integrate some v-necks into my wardrobe I decided to give this New Look 6340 a try. I liked the slightly floaty bottom section, a bit more fitted top and I like the side pockets a lot. Since the summer is waning I wanted to give this try while I still had some summery weather to enjoy wearing it. I used this lawn fabric from Cotton and Steel designed by Rashida Coleman -Hale and called "Mochi Floral". I purchased it on sale last April from an ETSY shop called Chateau Sew & Sew. I had a difficult time getting the colors right in the pictures that I took outdoors, but the image above is close to correct and shows the blues to advantage, while they seem to fade in the photos taken in sunlight and shade.I have not seen many patterns from New Look and I decided that it would be prudent to make a muslin of the top part. I am glad that I fact I …

Quilting & Sewing in 2117? What Will It Be?

Thoughts wanted! Just a very quick post because the future of quilting and sewing was on my mind today As I work to finally finish the backing for my 1876 Centennial Quilt (why did I choose to piece rather than simply use a 'fat back' ?!....I know I wanted to use up ALL of the fabrics that I had purchased for the quilt). I began to ruminate on the future of quilting. Perhaps the future of sewing in general as a valued skill.The original maker of the 1876 Quilt may well have wondered how and where her quirky quilt would be in a hundred years (which, ironically, just happened to be 1976 when the 'great quilting revival' was in full bloom and was also when a I began to make quilts ). Where, I wonder, will our quilts end up. Well loved and in pride of place at a family member's home? Ragged and torn in a basement?What do you envision 'quilters and quilting' in 2117? Will people still be making and using quilts? Will sewing still be a viable art form and avocat…

Summery Frocks & Sweet Surrender Update

Most often I seem to wear clothes with rounded necks, and I wanted to switch up and sew some v-necks. I find that many RTW (ready to wear) v-necks styles are cut too low for my taste, so I decided that it was time to try a pattern with a v-neck. This is a 2003 Vogue pattern (7724) designed by Koko Beall. A "very easy" at that. Since I have not used a Vogue pattern in years and since I needed to grade between sizes I had planned to make a muslin of the pattern. I am a fan of soft Indian cottons and last April I ordered 5 yards of a border print from an EBay vendor. I decided to use some of that fabric to make what I hoped would become a 'wearable muslin'. Hoping, I suppose, that my first try would work, and it did, but not without a few ups and downs. I graded between sizes in several areas and, thankfully, it worked outfairly well. The finished dress fit well enough, but I felt that a summer dress would benefit by being a bit looser. After 'sleeping on it' …

Summer Dresses

Many people who sew clothes have what are called TNT (tried'n'true) patterns. They are patterns that you know well, can be adjusted easily and that you like to make and wear. Thy tend to be comfortable, easy-to-make in a variety of fabrics and easy-to-love. Ever since I found this pattern from Sonya Philip of 100 Acts of Sewing, her Dress No.2 has been my TNT. I make one of them when I need some instant gratification. I had purchased two yards of a lovely batiste-like cotton fabric from Stevie Saint Fabrics a year or more ago. It's a bit odd that I ordered so little of it but I had probably planned to make a simple shirt originally. These days I usually buy 3.5 yards or more of fabrics that I like so that, when I decide to use it, I have more pattern choices. I loved the flowers on this cloth, but also though that the fabric looked a bit "curtain-ish" or "50's housedress-ish", plus the pale green is not a great color on me but oh! I love those ric…