Photo Art Friday : Roadside art

This is a post from Musing Crow Images that I just had to share here.  Earlier this summer I took the image with dandelions at the same place. its the summer version. Yesterday, as looked at the ground in the same spot I discovered the Autumnal Equinox version of the image. I was enthralled by the colors and textures. Normally, I've been keeping my images separated to my photo blog, but I thought this might be of interest here on MC Designs as well

 Summer version


  1. I think I like the fall version better and love the comparison. Did you put musical notes down the side?

  2. What a great little study. You could keep this going. I have some falling down barns that I track, but with less precision than this.

  3. Thanks for visiting Marie. Something strange seems to be happening with google blog - I know I wrote about how much i love this image - but the comment has disappeared. It has happened on other blogs too :(
    So just repeating - beautiful image - i love it!

  4. How thoughtful of this curb to decorate itself for the seasons! :-) I love both of these images, the way the natural elements of flower and leaf perfectly match the yellow paint.


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