16 December 2012

Tiger Lily ATC's in Vintage Kimono Silk

This month's theme over at Arts In The Cards was 'Tiger Lily'. This has to be one of most favorite color schemes, but I wasn't sure how I wanted to present it. Should it be on paper or cloth? Stitched or painted? What was it I wanted to say about a Tiger Lily?

I seldom have the whole picture of what I want to do with a postcard, ATC, painting or art quilt. I may have the seed of an idea in my head, but generally I let the tools that are right in front of me guide me - the tools and colors tend to make my artistic decisions for me.

I was rooting about in my collection of vintage Kimono Silks when I spied this amazing piece of silk. I had been hoarding it for some years, but had never gotten around to making an art quilt or piece of clothing with it. I decided that it needed to be liberated, and thus, I hoped, appreciated. It became my simple rendition of 'Tiger Lily'. 

Kimono  silk, a bit of stitching, some faceted beads and a feather. I found some feathers in the yard one day and I promised the poor bird that had, presumably, given it's life to leave these feathers, that I would use it's plumage to make something pretty. I hope this begins to fulfill that promise I made! The bird had left me only clean, pristine feathers - perhaps it was a baby that tried to wing it too early in it's brief life?
I wanted a slightly more literal iteration of 'Tiger Lily' for the back, and came up with this design for the back. I appreciate making my ATC's for this group every month (it's nearly 3 years now!)  because it ensures that even when life gets hectic I can do something every month that soothes my artistic soul!


  1. Beautiful! I love your digital work with the photos!

  2. Can't decide which side I like the most. I would need 2 of them so I can display both sides at the same time.

  3. mmmmmmmm! I love that!


  4. now sorry i sat this trade out.
    lovely bothsidesnow cards.
    happy new year of trades ahead!


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