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December 27, 2012 - a brief sun break in 60 days of rain!
2012 ended with an unexpected break from work, and 2013 began quietly, just as I like it.  The days have gone by quickly, like a fresh breeze that blows through, and clears things out. I love being home and having the time to at least think creatively. I had no pressures for parties - even as a youngster I was not very 'into' New Year's Eve shindigs. I always preferred to welcome in a New Year by going to bed early and waking up with a clear head.

We had a bit of a sun break on December 27th (the photo above). I think we've had about 60 days of rain and my feet are beginning to become webbed! I have a 'happy light' and it sits on my table. What is funny about my 'happy light'  is that now my feline angel, Tillie, jumps up on the table and paws the lamp to tell me to turn it on for her too!  We sit in the 'sunshine' together and I brush her or page through the web as we sit and enjoy.

My friend, Lauren, and I went off to the mainland on Saturday. We were in line at 10:00am for an 11:10am ferry. We rushed through 'must do' stops and then went to our 'play station', Michael's. Going there is a rare treat for us both. What really struck me about the day, aside from being exhausted when we returned home (getting in line at 5pm for a 6pm ferry) by 8pm was the crazy energy and exhaustion I felt. We had both forgotten the 'Saturday' effect; the day that people are off from work and are out and about doing their shopping. The energy of the mainland felt like someone stuck a plug in me and just drained out the energy. It took me a day to recover!  How did I manage to live in big cities for so many years. I've become a country bumpkin! 
One of the last things that I got involved in at the end of the year was a wonderful online Water Coloring Lettering class from Val Webb. Although I came in more than a month late I am thoroughly enjoying it. Most of the members are true professional types and I am happily challenged. Spacing in calligraphy has always been a challenge for me for some reason, but I'm finding that this class will be a help I think! I tried to work 'Become' in two ways last evening for New year's. 
This was my first watercolor lettering attempt.
 I discovered how different the pigment load in watercolors can be. I used the class recommended Cotman brand of watercolor here rather than the Daniel Smith brand that I am used to using. Yes, you DO get what you pay for !
Many people seem to be choosing a 'word' for the year. I haven't done that in the past, but this year, as I look towards the possibility of early retirement, I decided that the word 'become' might be fitting. If I choose to take this step I will be poor but I might just 'become'. I might just become the person that I always wanted to be. An artist. A little extra cash would be most helpful of course and I may become a person who can have the time to make things to sell. Of course, I may wait to retire, depending on a few things at work, but either way I hope to become more of the person I am, not the person who other people want me to be.  I lived my life, in large part, not taking responsibility for who I wanted to be. I let others make me think that I wanted to do one thing or another, so it has taken me most of a lifetime to appreciate the me that I am and the person that I want to become.

I just couldn't resist this last image. When I was off island I bought some news toys for my 'owner', aka my feline Tillie. When I looked down at her "toy box" I noticed what riotous, wonderful, colors there were! The colorful background catnip quilt was a gift from friend and master feline lover, and quilter extraordinaire, Stacy Hurt. They are available for sale on her blog. Your own favorite feline will thank you!


  1. Happy New Year, Marie! I hope 2013 brings you much joy and time for art. I laughed out loud at your description of being off island. I was forced to be on the wet side for the past couple of weeks. Commuting between Snohomish and downtown Seattle. Talk about country mouse/city mouse! It took me 3 days to de-compress from the hustle and bustle and relax into my quiet town. My Nelson used to sit under my happy light to the point I would leave it on for him. :) The little felt mice in Tillie's pile of toys were big hits with our cats, but especially with Mom's Roxy. She loved when the mouse slid across the floor and created a game of "fetch" for me. She batted the mouse under the Welsh cupboard and then mewed until I would fish it out. A board was put up to end the game for a bit. I hope this year is the year you "become" whatever your heart desires.


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