Help Me Decide How To Spend $50.00!

This past week I was notified that I had won a $50.00 Amazon gift certificate thanks to one of my favorite authors, MJ Rose, Facebook face. Ms. Rose's books never fail to provide me with hours of enchantment and reading pleasure, and I have reviewed some of her books on my book blog. She has a new book coming out called "Seduction" that is another winner and my review of that book will be posted on my book blog soon as part of a blog tour hosted by Amy Bruno's Historical Fiction blog tours. That's probably interesting news for those of you who read my book blog though, but it leads to my present dilemma.

Regular readers will know that I generally have no problem what-so-ever spending money to feed my creative passions. I seldom win anything though and when I do I like to make the most of it. I want to use this unexpected windfall to buy something that I will use and something that will remind me of my good luck when I use it. The question is what should I get? Books, yarn, paint, brushes? What!

If you were handed fifty dollars what you buy? 


  1. If I won $50, I would buy some new Copic markers and start art journaling again!

  2. thankfully, Amazon has lots to chose from... Congrats on the gift of monies. Art supplies, and books would be my choice,,, I have along list of "to read" books! Just enjoy!

  3. Let's see. $50 huh? I would get some great watercolor journals and some pens. I am always looking for great pens that actually write in white. Good luck with yer fifty and have fun!


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