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Once again my postings seem to have lagged. It took me longer than I had anticipated to get over this last bout of pneumonia and I still need to be diligent in using the inhalers.

I was finally able to catch up on a couple of Post Card and ATC exchanges that I was perilously close to being very late with!

These first two images are of post cards. I gray scaled mixed media pieces that I have made, printed them on cotton and then painted over them with watercolors, inktence water color pencils and black ink. If you are a bog reader you may recognize the top image - I began it during a class with Anne Bagby and Lynn Perella last Fall.
The image below is an ATC. The theme was "Verdigris". Of course, I took a more literal interpretation and used the verdigris color on the gate. The finished product has a much paler white in the "petals" on the upper left corner as I thought that the stark white in this photo was too overpowering. I didn't manage to get another photo taken before I mailed them off though!


  1. Pam Carricker (is that spelled right?) talks about recycling one's own art work. As always, I think you handle your mixed media art forms very well! Do take care of yourself as best you can! Pneumonia can return so easily if you don't fully re-coup.


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