Tart Caladan Shawl and Natural Inspirations

My newest finished shawlette. This is the second Caladan shawl from Barbara Benson Designs that I have made. I just really enjoy  knitting with beads - and this shawl has just the right amount of beading...not too many and not too few. I knit this with Madeline Tosh Pashima yarn in their Tart colorway. It's an absolutely luscious yarn to know being made of : 75% superwash wool, 15% silk and 10% cashmere

 A close up of the bead placement

Our hummingbirds are back in force going through 5 quarts of solution per day. In the evening we have at least 325-30 birds around each of the 5 feeders at once. I'm going to try to set up the camera and take a little video with sudio because it's one on those sights that you can;t believe until you see it and hear it !
Here's our red fox friend Lulu. She's been having 'dinner' at our house since she was kit. She comes by everying afternoon, waits patiently by the door, follows DH out to the food station, takes her meal and returns to her den across the street. She waits and lets the other critters get their food before she takes hers. Lulu seems to be very social, very courteous and very, well, cute and foxy. She is a 'red' fox in a dark grey colorway. Although common sense dictates caution she lets me come within a foot of her to take photos - no agression, no stress - she just looks at me with these sweet, soulful eyes. What a treat to be able to see a wild one interact in such a positive way.


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