Bringing In The Big Gun - Heat That Is !

I find that I use my heat gun a lot. Nearly every day for a lot of different applications. In about 1992 or 1994 I bought my first embossing tool. It was a Personal Stamp Exchange model that seems to no longer be sold. It appears to be a copy of the currently produced Stampin' Up brand embossing gun.

For many years it sat unused since I was not really 'into' doing too much embossing. Once I picked it up a few years ago and began using it for things other than embossing I became hooked and this embossing heat gun became one of my most used tools.

The Stampin' Up embossing/heat gun version 
This little embossing tool worked like a little demon for a long time, but over the weekend I used it once too many times I guess, and it must have just burned it's little guts out. At first I thought that it might have been the socket, but alas, it was broken.

What to do, I use this tool almost every day now. I went searching on Amazon. After recently trying a couple of 'embossing' heat guns made for crafts I was very cautious about buying one because they seemed so very weak. Hardly any power at all and embossing takes wayyy too much time with this weakened down versions.  I considered getting the Stampin Up brand because it looked like it would give me the same strength as my beloved PSX embosser.

After some more reading and investigation I decided to go for the 'big guns'. This little, well, truth be told is not so little(!), gem arrived on Tuesday and I tried it out right away. Right a dream! Why did not pass go and get one of these all those years ago?!  This is very controllable, has two speeds and you can vary the temperature from very low (and quiet fan) to very hot (more than I could use I think) with the turn of the re dial. Cool! It's relatively lightweight and is a pleasure to use.  Amazon reviews ranked it quite high and, at $34.00 or so, it was not a huge departure from the cost of a good embossing heat tool .

I just brought in the Porter Cable "big gun" and I love it !


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