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I'm lucky. I have friends who remind when it has been too long since I have posted anything. Thank you Lauren for the gentle nudge!

Solstice Friday last week was my final day at work. It felt a bit surreal really, and I cant say that the reality of this change has really hit me yet. I keep thinking that I should feel something - and yet I feel as I may just be on a vacation. My email and employee account were quickly deleted. That should say something. No moss growing the County's feet! That felt a bit odd after all of these years - to not have a business email account to look at!

Being the bag-a-holic that I am, I have been working on some projects. The projects are for C&T Publishing, which I am thrilled about. It's a baby step, but one never knows where opportunities will come from nor where they may lead, and so I am, most cautiously, hopeful. To my knowledge I am not  prohibited from posting any of these images. These will be provided to C&T's top sales agents for use in selling their new, and utterly marvelous, material called Kraft Tex. I have fallen in love with this stuff, and was surprised and delighted to find that an image of one of bags is on their packaging label for the rolls of Kraf-Tex. Right now it's available in, what else, Kraft color, but early next year it will also be available in black and white.

I plan to making some of these for sale, so if anything interests you, please let me know!

This is the packaging label that comes with the rolls of Kraft Text. I was shocked to see my bag there. I had not know that it had been chosen for this!

This is a group of bags that will be provided to C&T's top sales managers for use in their displays at shows. The sizes range from a small pencil case (second down on the left) to a larger knitting project bag with an interior pocket (on the top). I love taking this material and making it look like aged leather. I've been having blast with it!


  1. What kind of paint did you use and how did it cure?


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