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Birds Galore! Learning to Draw!

Lesson 2: My very first bird drawing of a Ferriginous Hawk

NOTE: To all of my FaceBook friends 
-you have most likely seen all of these images on FaceBook.

Although it may seem that I have been quiet on my blog I have been busy taking a wonderful, highly recommended, class from Val Webb about Drawing birds in colored pencil, as well as in a 60 day bird challenge on FaceBook hosted by Kimberley Baxter Packwood. The combination of the two seemed meant to be.

I have never been too fond of using colored pencils. They always seemed like a 'meh' art supply, but thanks to Val Webb I am learning that they are underestimated and offer many more options that I knew of. I am also not a 'drawer' - I have always failed miserably in my attempts before, and so I have taken care to go slowly and learn as much as I can. I am only on lesson 7 now, and my latest project (not shown here) is tackling a birds nest.

Lesson 3: Perching Birds. A Blue Jay.

Lesson 4: A puffed up Lilac Breasted Roller
Through these images you can see how I progress - or not. I have been learning so much, and it makes me realize how far I have to go. Of course, as with anything, learning to draw takes practice and more practice. I have to make time for it. Being relegated, more or less, to a chair at the moment, has blessed me with the time (and fewer distractions) to devote to some learning and practice!
Drawing 5 - a supremely wonderful, white, chicken!
Lesson 5: Drawing white birds.
The moment that I saw the image of this Egret I knew that I wanted to draw the head. There were other drawing options, but this was "the one". I think that I have had the most success with this drawing. It may be the best that I will get! I connected with this amazing eye and I took my time in the process and loved every minute

Lesson 6: Drawing black birds
I also enjoyed drawing this Grackle. I wanted to draw a crow instead, but the aim of this lesson was to learn how to may luminescence work with the pencils, and so I honored the lesson and will draw a crow after the class ends. I am leaning so much about the possibilities of colored pencils! Who knew?

Lesson 7: Eggs and Nests
I have worked on some eggs which is the start for this lesson, and am slowly working on th nest - which is probly the most challengeing this thus far.

I have always been afraid of drawing becuase I am not very good at it. I like it enough that I want to conquer my fear and do more. My plan is to continie take morelessons from Val and then, when it is next offered, I will be doing Sketchbook Skool. Now I just have to find the time for all of my "loves". I can't stop knitting or quilting, and mixed media just pulls at me if I stay away too long... hummmmm

Do you ever find yourself with one too many passions?
How do you balance them all?
Have you ever dropped on thing in favor of another? How did you decided?
My latest, not quite finished wool applique block about, what else, birds! I still have to add the word "birds" in the upper right corner. It was perfect for the Bird Challenge though!
I also used my mixed media indigo buntinf for the challenge. I guess I have a lot of birds on hand!


  1. `I also gave colored pencils the 'eh, not so much' treatment. Have used the inktense pencils and watercolor pencils now and again but never to the degree of results you have seen after these classes! I need to look into Val Webbs site!

  2. Your grackle and chicken are especially wonderful. last year I spent time drawing and painting with gouache a bird just about every day. I love the way you are using your colored pencils.


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