Steeped Bundle Dyed Silk

It was difficult to get a photo of the entire length of the cloth! This is the first length.
There are two different patterns in the silks. 
Many years ago I purchased these kimono silks from Ah! Kimono. I miss the monthly mailing I used to get! Now I am not sure where to look for vintage kimono silk!

There are two different lengths of vintage kimono silks in the photos. There were  originally white, patterned silks.  Since I have I have become enamored with India Flint's stuff and steep dyeing methods and these two pieces were "canned" with white vinegar, a pinch of rust, and summer time red maple leaves. They were left to cool and "cure" for two weeks. I am quite happy with the depth of color that I was able to achieve. 

I spent today trimming a variety of leaves and doing some "canning". 
I am on the hunt for eucalyptus now!
You can find some decent leaf shapes if you look. There is one on this section mid-image top .


  1. Marie, the silk is gorgeous! I love being able to see the design below the eco dyeing. When you find a source, let me know. I have bought from a company in Australia, but postage takes the fun out of it. I miss Ah Kimono, too.

  2. Beautiful color and hues Marie!


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