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Gifts Of Friendship That Cross The www Bridge

For many years I moved a lot for business when I worked for airlines...9 moves in 10 years and all, ostensibly, for better jobs and better wages. What I missed out on during those years was being able to put down roots and with roots, of course, come friendships. As I look back on those years I question if all of the moves were worth it. Hindsight is 20/20 of course and it all made sense to me at the time (yes, I can be a bit bullheaded and obstinate at times!). Those years did give me a much greater appreciation for friendships though and, perhaps, that is one reason why I treasure the friends that I now have so very much. In the end, I think, life is about family and friends and not so much the career or the money. I have only a couple of enduring friendships from that period of my life - one who like my "other half" and the sister that I never for that I am most grateful.
The Internet is a great and mighty entity - one that I would not give up very willingly now that we have it- but, let's face it, it has a dangerous, darker side too. Many people that you "meet" on social media and the web are pleasant acquaintances, but not of much substance. I have been very blessed, however, to have found several "online" friendships that endure and grow. I don't understand why I have been so blessed, but I have been and I am very grateful. Recently, two of these amazing women have sent me packages that have blown me away - as much by their contents as by their offers of unconditional friendship and caring. I can never thank them enough for that precious intangible quality!

Jeannie Evans-VanHoff has been someone that I connected with strongly through her thoughtful comments to my blog and through FaceBook. She has been generous with her positive support and her offer of friendship. In the past she gifted with me with wools, felts and and a whimsical book on stitching.

After my workshop with India Flint last month I had mentioned on FaceBook that I was going to go searching for a horse shoe to use in future Eco-dyeing experiments. Not long after a box full of magic and rusty goodness arrived at my door. Jeannie says that this is one of the oddest boxes that she has ever sent through the mail and, well, let's just say that the post office offered a good deal on the heft of this flat rate box!

Jeannie- how can I thank you for the joy and friendship that you have gifted me with? The contents of this box, which include some of your Dad's treasures, is so special..and I know that I will get some awesome results from these cool 'rusty gold' items! Your beautiful shibori will be used for something special...some special stitching project that is small and filled with special memory items...your card is tucked in my journal.

Another special "online" friendship is one that has grown over the years. Judy Hudgins, Knotty Needle to her friends, has been a cheerleader and friend for some years now. She and I both worked for the same airline years ago, although in different areas. I always have said that if I had had the kind of positive support from my parents as she gives me I could have gone places! She is a talented knitter, writer, quilter, mixed media artist and her love for reading rivals my own!

This past week I got a fat envelope (even better than those fat envelopes that you get when a quilt has been accepted for a show!) from her. I had known that she was going to send me some 'samples' of fabrics that she though I would like...this lucky gal lives near some wonderful shops let me tell you! Thanks to some of the previous fabric samples she sent, I am finishing a shirt made that was made with fabric that I ordered after she sent me a few pieces of some lovely rayon batiks. What I had not expected was that the "samples" in this envelope would be yardage! Jeez! How in the heck do I rate for this kind of goodness?!

These are digitally printed cottons from Kaufman California. They feature vibrant colors and a silky soft, drapey, hand. The one below is a homage to my home town (well, I have two home towns really- the other is in Connecticut), New York City. The beautifully featured Emprie State Building gave me shivers...I used to look at it from our apartment windows way back when.....

I guess my point is that friendships mean a lot to me- especially now that, later in this game of life- it would be oh so difficult to re-establish meaningful friendships if I were ever to move again. Friendships really do float my boat. I have many acquaintances, but I cultivate relatively few, true, deeper, connections. These two gracious women, who have always offered their friendship to me across the magic of the www, will remain close to my heart. Thank you both...oh so much!

Hold your friends and family close. Tell them that you love them and care about them...enrich yourself by doing so......



  1. You are right. Family and friends will get you through things that money just can't. A good mail carrier is nice too! Great gifts!


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