If At First You Don't Succeed

I made this quilt - " Smitten", designed by Jen Kingwell, to overcome any lingering fear of "Y" seam construction. I thought that it worked well.

Recently the "project that has no name" included a couple of "y-seam" blocks. The first came off without a hitch- the second, however, gave me a few fits. Basically the center square is fitted into the block with y-seams ....sounds simple enough.

This was my first, machine sewn, block. It worked, the size would have been right,but I did not like the colors and it wasn't all that good so I never even finished it

My second try...not bad...not great. Machine sewn. A bit too wonky for my taste. I may keep it...or may not.

Another machine attempt that, once again, looks okay..it's better....just not great....not perfect......but I'll keep it.

Finally, I decided to give hand sewing this block a try. Yes, it took a bit longer, but not all that much when I take into consideration the time I took to cuss my limited abilities at machine sewing this block!

voila! Perfection. Perfect size, tidy, less wonky, all parts well sized, all points meet as they should! Yes! I'll take it! Success is a worthy goal!









  1. you are far more patient than I!

  2. wow! wonderful and for many of us out of reach. thank you for sharing your progress and results . looks like hand stitching is still a great way to perfect your ideas!!
    happy holiday , sonja


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