New Reliable OVO 150 GT Steamer/Iron

UPDATE:  April 2019

I have grown to really like using my little steam machine, but I was a bit unimpressed by the less than sturdy nature of its little plastic stand. One night it toppled from a small table and fell about two feet - landing on the floor. The housing cracked. I wrote to Reliable and got a prompt and very courteous response. They were very generous and, as a courtesy, sent me a replacement. They also offered an alternative to have to use the stand. The for the OVO (included in the box) has a silicone pad built into it...and it is specifically designed to rest the iron need to use the stand at all. My face was red! I should have noticed that option from the beginning! 

Thank you Reliable for reacting so generously to my quite obvious ignorance!

What is this little ovoid shaped 'thing'?! Note it's compact body! It is the new OVO 150GT from Reliable Corp. What does it do? It's a travel iron and a clothes steamer...but not an ordinary one. I had my eye on this for some for some before it's Rey recent release, but I became engrossed in the delight of using my new Rowenta steam generating iron...which has made ironing a new experience and has given me hope that Rowenta may still make some amazing products (after my last 2 Rowenta steam irons fails I had vowed to never buy another Rowenta again....but this one is different, really it is)......but I digress......

The Reliable company has been around for a long time. Based in the beautiful Maple Leaf country (Canada) they are most well known for their professional steam generating ironing systems and for their all purpose regular steam irons. The OVO GT150 is an all new product. Taking its cue from their big sister products this little blue ovoid generates steam....different from producing steam the way many of us are familiar with our hand-held steam (producing) irons

You might wonder why I would need/want yet another iron-like device. Well, in the morning, as I dress for work or play I find that I wanted a quick way to refresh areas of my clothes that had become wrinkles without needing to take out the big iron and board. The OVO is quick to heat (takes 60 seconds to begin to generate plentiful steam), easy to use and takes very little space.

the little kick-stand that holds the OVO upright (left) and the filling port for water ( as open on right). The instructions say that distilled water is recommended, but not necessary. I am using my bottled water (the kind that comes in 5 gallon jugs).
The ceramic sole plate of the OVO
Below: Standing upright. Wee, but mighty, blue!

Below: The OVO with the brush/steam attachment

The carrying case is included. One side is a spring fabric in blue. The other side is a substantial heat resistant material that the iron can rest on when it is hot and in use. The sides are stretchy. Of course a small cup is included for adding water to the machine.

All packed up and easy to tuck into a traveling bag.

My thoughts in the OVO GT150, thus far, are:


  1. This is not your grandmothers travel steam iron. The OVO generates copious, luscious, amounts of steam... more like my steam generating Rowenta than any regular steam iron...which creates steam but does NOT generate it. Impressive!
  2. You can easily steam clothes or a quilt...(note that for a sizeable quilt I think that you would be refilling the reservoir often, but what the heck!)
  3. What a fabulous travel iron this is!
  4. The iron/steamer/body of the machine seems well made (in China). I am not unilaterally opposed to products made in China for any political or budget deficit reasons, but, let's face it, many China made products can be very inexpensively produced and the feel like it).
  5. A modest price point (I ordered mine directly from Reliable with free shipping) makes this an attractive addition to iron collection. It is a quilters friend as well since the steam generating makes for very flat blocks.
  6. The ceramic coating adds to ironing smoothness.
  7. Vertical steaming (controlled by a blue dot in top of the OVO) is a bonus for clothes, curtains, quilts, etc.

Cons...or potential cons:

  1. I think that shape of the OVO is relatively comfortable to hold (a bit of added grip power in those white strip-like areas in the side- made from a flexible rubber). I have fairly small hands and, for me, the back could have been just a bit slimmer. Most people, I think, will find it comfortable to hold and use, but those like me, with smaller hands, may whine a wee bit initially. That being said, I do not think that the size will make it, in any way, uncomfortable or unwieldy to use with pleasure as the wider part of the base is wider just as your hands are wider there.
  2. I think that the plastic that the little kick-stand is made from is more brittle than the rest of the OVO and that makes me think that it could break more easily too....time will tell.
  3. The hole to fill the steam tank is small, and, while I understand the need for size and position limitations, it does require a slower hand to fill tank without having any spills...not in any way a deal breaker for me...but thought I'd mention it.

All in all I think that Reliable has a winner in this little gem. Time and use will tell if it will withstand a lot of use, but I have a feeling that it will prove to be quite durable. One thing I know is that this baby s t e a m s it's little blue heart out, and for so many sewists that I know that will make it very attractive. I am so glad that I had a bit of splurge and got this handy new Reliable product!


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