"If You Don't Get Lost, You Can't Be Found"

This image is from a photograph
 I took some years ago combined 
with two glorious textures from Kim Klassen.

I'm off for a little gal's retreat - right on the water with amazing, fresh, healthy food prepared and served to you. What a lovely thing to do on a vacation! I'll be back soon. Be well and happy


  1. Have fun and say hi to everyone for me... Oh how I would LOVE to beam myself across the country and join you! Hugs, Sarah

  2. That sounds like a perfect vacation. Enjoy!

  3. Glad to have met you Marie ... Hope you have a safe trip home

    Kim Mitchell

  4. Hi Marie, I'm expecting your next few posts to cover all the creative results from your retreat...I've been working on the same piece forever, so I'm in need of creative diversion via others :D


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