"By My Hand" - Mixed Media Watercolor


Watercolor on 9" X 12" on Aquarello hot press
I've been so happy to get up and work on one of these little fripperies. I'm starting to work a bit larger as well - and liking it - which surprises me a bit. I love this color palette and working with it has been a fine antidote to the grey, rainy days we've enjoying around these parts of Western Washington. The blooming crocus and budding daffodils assure me though that Spring, and warmer weather, are close.

I'm falling more and more in love with watercolors - learning how to use them and all of the amazing things that they can do. I used some 'Perfect Glaze' on small areas in this painting, but, unfortunately, you can't make it out in these photos.

I'm not sure what's happening but I have enjoyed a great couple of weeks - feeling more clear and having far more energy than usual. Perhaps it's a reaction to the solar flares or an astrological happening - I just hope it can continue. The rush of creative energy feels so fine after experiencing some grey times in the past couple of years! Rush on!

Another very cool thing that has happened is that I was asked to teach an introduction to Artist Trading Cards. The class is scheduled for April 14th. I'll offer technique classes to follow of there is an interest after the introduction class. Four people are already signed up for a class of 6. I can't help but be surprised - more surprised because in 2006 I remember saying that I would "never have an interest in mixed media". Hah! Now it brings me so much pleasure.


  1. Marie, this is beautiful! I love the colors and the theme. Congrats on the teaching gig! We were teased with a 72 degree day and boy, did that get the excitement for spring going. Wishing you a beautiful (and hopefully drier) week.


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