Rain: The Feeling Artist Trading Cards

Over at Arts In The Cards the theme for this month was "Rain". People who live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest know a lot about rain - in fact we just had the wettest February ever. That's hard to believe.
I chose to show the way I 'feel' about rain. I painted a sheet of watercolor paper with my 'rain', added an overly of an image of rainy day that I printed on plain white tissue paper. Finishing touches were a painted skeleton leaf, a metal bumpy 'moon' and a word which I chose as they came to me when I worked on each card. I really enjoyed this theme and the muse was gracious enough to visit immediately. I love when 'f-l-o-w' works it's magic!


  1. Well, your Rain Art is attractive, but today, in Salem, Oregon, I'm so thankful for the sunshine! The little bit of yellow on your cards, is like a dab of sunlight trying to come through, alright.

    Also, I stopped to look at your little bags--wonderfully coordinated w/ the linings. Very nice!

  2. Great set of trading cards, x

  3. You captured Northwest rain beautifully. You had record amounts of rain and on my side of the state we hardly had a drop. The Cascades really do act as an umbrella for us.


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