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Hipstamatic = The Best Reason To Own My IPhone!

The mailing envelope
I had waited to renew my Verizon contract in the hope that they would offer the IPhone at some point. Of course, it finally happened and I was chomping at the bit to place my order.  I am not a big phone chatterer and although I am a lover of all things Mac when the Iphone finally arrived I had to second guess myself before I spent the money on the IPhone. As things turned out, with my discount for re-upping my contract, getting the Iphone was not any more costly than getting any other phone that I would have been likely to choose so I bravely brandished my plastic and ordered the "phone of my dreams". I managed to find a cover that was the perfect "it" green of my dreams too. A loverely package.
When you open the mailing envelope this is what you see - well, minus my photograph!
What I had no way of knowing at the time was that the best reason to have my IPhone was not using it as a phone at all. Yes, it does that quite well - Verizon works the best in my area and I am pleased with the ability to actually be able to answer a cell call at my house - which I was not able to do using AT&T. The best part of the IPhone is an app that I have fallen in love with. This app is old news for long time IPhone users, but for me as a new user, it opened a whole new world of funkalishish photographic delights. The app is Hipstamatic  (available at the app store). It's a fun, funky and retro-ish camera app that allows you use a variety of "films", "lenses" and camera "bodies" to take retro inspired photographs. You can mix and match all of the films and lenses to create some truly unique images.
Aside from loving the capabilities of this app - I am also loving the retro inspired print service that's available at the Hipstamart. Your photos are printed in a classically retro 4" X 4" format on high quality photo paper. The marketing thing that is going on at the HipstaMart is crazy good. The photos arrive in a very cool square mailing envelope that opens up to reveal a framed photo. I am so tickled by the whole process! The 5 megapixel camera in the IPhone is better than the first digital camera I owned so you can get decent quality images. The prints are available in three sizes (the Hipstamatic app allows you to choose between a lower or higher resolution so you can think about what size print you might want to have before you take your photo). I ragerly wait for each new Hipsta film and lens release. The story behind this amazing little app is rather touching too. To read about it go to the website - or to Face Book - just search for Hipstamatic.
In other areas of life everything is perking along. Changes at work. Our Administrator of 29 years has resigned and I am feeling like the earth beneath us is unsettled - change can be good - but not without emotions high and low. The weather is typically Spring - which equates to very unpredictable. I am ready (or is my back that's ready mostly!) for some warmer (though far from hot!) more settled weather. The hummingbirds arrived at our house a bit earlier this year but their numbers increased right on time - Saint Patrick's Day. Spring sounds are filling the air - the return of song birds that Winter in other climes and the peepers at night. I love this part of the Spring - the sounds and the scents of new growth and potential.

I'm feeling all kinds of unsettled thus far in the week. Mercury going retro-grade soon, multiple changes at work and general feelings of inadequacy and the frustrations at the physical limitations I now seem to have all combined in trying to wreak havoc with my cerebral functioning - but I know it's only in my head (teehee) and that it will pass as soon as the sun returns! I'd best be going to do something creative - that always lightens my mind! Have a good week.


  1. Oh ENVY..... I think when our current contract is up I'll get the iPhone.... I would SO like to have it all Mac. Glad to hear you sounding perky....hugs, Sarah

  2. this looks like a very cool app, unfortunately I don't have an iPhone! I play around with what phone apps I can download for my Android. They do a good job of giving that vintage feel but I haven't seen any that do that great faded border look.


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