I've been allowing myself the luxury of not having to accomplish anything in particular. Eventually I know that I will settle down and create with more focus, but for now it has been lovely catching up on overdue, or soon, due, trades and play.

Making earrings has been providing me with a lot of relaxation and tons of enjoyment recently. I have no idea why I'm enjoying this so much. I don't wear a lot of jewelry, but I do like the few rings that I wear every day, and I do love wearing earrings - especially when they are made with lampwork beads. I have never used lever back findings ( in the middle and on the right in the photo above) before, but I am discovering that that are really very nice, and they feel very secure on your ear. I've sold two pairs of my last batch of earrings , and that was a big boost for me. I hope to sell more, along with my felted bags which will be the next thing that I simply must sit down and focus on getting finished. I've been remiss, but they are calling to me to get them done!

I accuse my friend, Karen, of not being happy unless she is ahead , and I have to confess to being much the same way most of the time! These Inchies and ATC's put me just a couple of weeks ahead of the July 31st deadline, so I am feeling more relaxed again about being on track with my trades. I tried to get my Dorset button making skills back on track with the middle row of  "Inchies". I used some # 8 braid embroidery thread. I'd forgotten how much I like making these buttons and hope to try some variations made with some thinner embroidery threads.

I have been having a wonderful time doing some more experimenting with Venetian Plaster, gold leaf and cold wax techniques. The ATC theme was typography, and this is what came of it this time around. I had more fun with the background - trying new things really makes me happy. I had a difficult time getting good lighting on the cards, I think that they look a bit better in person than these images indicate.

On July 23rd I have a new class beginning with Val Webb. Drawing birds with colored pencils. I am truly looking forward to this. It will be the first time that I actually have the time to devote to class. I wanted to take a class though Artful Gatherings too, but I did not want to have to keep up with two classes at a time. My newest mottos will be " focus", and "relax and enjoy the moments". I don't want to rush through classes any more, not giving them the time and care that they deserve. I want to savor and learn! I am,  however, really looking forward to taking advantage to the wonderful class opportunities at Artful Gathering the next chance I get!
Before long I will begin my plan to sift, sort, donate and sell a lot of books, fabric, work clothes and other supplies that have not seen significant use or interest for some time. Do any of you have a favorite method of sorting through your things? Do you have a favorite place to divest yourself of fabrics and supplies? I could use all of the ideas that I can get!


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