Where Does The Time Go?

Keeping My Feet On The Ground
It's true! Although the days went by quickly when I worked, they go by even faster now that I am not working. I am, however managing to do things that I had wanted to do in the past, but had no time for. Some of those things are not 'blog' worthy. Like scrubbing the deck and the deck furniture. It took 4.5 hours, but I can now rest in a chair with no fear of any mold or bird droppings getting on my clothes! Ick! I love clean, and wish that I could keep everything clean for at least more than a day! Now I can at least do the every day clean up and not have it go back to total chaos again.

I spent some time developing an ETSY shop for my earrings. I have no hope that much will happen, but it would be nice to sell a few to offset my obsession for wearing and making earrings. I will add some bags to the shop soon. I know that there must be some magic thing to do to be successful on Etsy, but I can't figure it out. I'm not sure that is the best platform for me, but I'll try it for a month or so to see if anything sells. If not, well then I'll have to figure out a plan 'B" and a plan "C". Again, not much to blog about there.If you want to see the earrings that I added the address is: 

Yesterday I cut out all of the pieces for three cloth bags. This will be a prelude to get back in the swing so that I can go back to finishing my felted bags for sale. Rhonda, the patient owner of Vital Elements, has been gracious in waiting for me to get myself in gear, but I don't want to overextend her patience too much longer! Again, seeing an image of me cutting out fabric would be oh! so boring, but I am really happy to have "cloth on my hands" again.

Today is bordering on hot. This summer has been a bit warmer than usual, which has made my body somewhat happier. A friend gave us a portable air conditioning unit several years ago and, although I generally dislike canned air of any sort, I have been grateful for it on these hot humid days. 

So, although nothing has been particularly blog worthy I have been happily busy doing things that make me happy. What a wonderful thing retirement can be! I was so uneasy about taking this step!  I thought that I would have issues with it , and I thought that I would somehow miss work. I don't really, well, maybe the money was good to have, and I know that I have not yet felt the full impact of the financial lack of retirement, but it is good to occasionally not know what day of the week it is! I am so blessed now to be able to get the amount of sleep that I need and not have to set an alarm. That's probably one of the best things about this change in circumstance, along with doing some fun things that make my soul sigh with joy!


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