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Memory Quilt Top Finished -At Last! Completion Is Close At Hand !

See the stark white areas that look like maps in some of the blocks? Well, in reality, this fabric is black. It was a Michael Jordan commemorative shirt and the black jersey fabric must have a reflective coating. Fun!
A long overdue promise is near to completion. About a year and half ago I was commissioned to make a quilt from a lovely lady's deceased husband's shirts - incorporating family photographs. In the interim I had two significant spine surgeries and nearly gave up ever getting this quilt done for her. I offered to give her the names of some other people who could make the quilt for her but she declined. She wanted me to make it.
This photo is close to reality - the photo above is a bit off.
Many of the shirts were made from slippery polyesters and acrylic materials as well as velvets and cotton jersey. Each shirt had to be picked apart and stabilized with fusible interfacing before I could use it in the quilt. I had originally planned to make a quilt pattern and intersperse the photos throughout the pattern. That was the plan, at least, until I saw the variation of fabric weights and materials and that there were 30 photos to be used. I decided to go ahead with simple square blocks and a wide border for the photographs. 

As I was working on the quilt I realized that I really needed a black inner border for balance. Thankfully I had some black fabric on hand - because ordering it would have wasted up even more time. As I added the photographs I realized that I needed to add some black in the outer border as well because I felt that using more of the colorful sashing material would have been just too much. Adding the black to the border however, left those areas looking too blank so I added appliqued hearts. They pleased me more and balanced the blank space well.

It's finally nearly there. I still have to piece the backing and then it will be quilted by Island Quilting friend Keri Stone. Soon ! The finish line is finally in sight! I will feel sooooo good when I can present this quilt to it's owner!


  1. Very nice! I bet you are happy to have this fini!!

  2. Ohhh Marie - this came great!! So glad you got it done and I'm sure she'll love it!! WOW!

  3. It is a job well done and I bet she'll be happy she waited!

  4. This is so pretty! I love the smaller squares.


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