Lacey Prairie Shawl by Cheryl Oberle - Finished!

In my continuing obsession with shawls this is the latest one I've completed from Cheryl Oberle's Folk Shawls book. I love this book and am working my through it as one of the shawls screams at me to be the next on the needles. This one is called Lacey Prairie Shawl.  It's about 76"across the top of the triangle and 46" deep.

I used Universal Classic Shades yarn. It's 70 % acrylic and 30% wool. I generally shy away from all acrylic yarn. It is generally less expensive but I find it pills and sometime shreds - but I thought this looked like a more substantial blend and decided to try it. For a mostly acrylic yarn this is very nice to work with. The colors are very nicely blended - though, IMHO, nothing beats Noro Kuryeon for beauty in blending colors. The yarn is somewhat loosely spun but does not fray or break on the needles.
The shawl laid out on my blocking board - white paper underneath a portion to show pattern.
I hardly ever use blues and purples but decided that I need to make something that used these colors. I still have a bit of orange so I'm very happy with the result. This is an easy, very easy, lace pattern and the resultant shawl is open but hefty enough that I believe it will be warm in the winter months.
The shawl laid out on the deck - again with a sheet of white paper underneath a portion of it.

Next on the needles is  Charlotte's Web shawl by Maie Landra knitted with Koigu KPPPM yarn. I feel confident enough to finally make a go of it ! Then back to Folk Shawls for me.


  1. I made Charlotte's Web shawl. It is now in Arizona as a throw for my oldest shoulders when air conditioning gets too much for her. It's fun to knit, but enough for me to know I can't knit a lace pattern unless I have total concentration.


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