Buddy Which Way Do I Turn? I've Become Another Unemployment Statistic.

Which way do I turn?
As the person with the highest seniority in our office I thought it unlikely that I would be having one of those tender tete'a'tetes that inform you that you position was being eliminated. This afternoon, however, I was advised that, in fact, my position is being eliminated as of July 11. I was not to take it personally. Huh?!! I am a union member and HR is telling me  that I cannot bump people who have been employees for several months simply because they were hired at a higher level because they were a friend of someone. Also, because I wasn't a golden child I did not get reclassified when everyone else did which is what made the difference.

Yes, I am filing a grievance. Yes, I am angry - and yes, at the moment I am feeling a bit whiney too.  I afraid to lose health insurance. I'm angry that I did more that was in my job description  because I "had the knowledge" and I'm angry at myself for playing nice and not making waves. I was told anyone else who took my job after me would most likely not be asked to to do these duties. I played nice, did what asked without complaining and I'm the one with a lay-off. I wish someone would explain why this make me happy.

Okay - that's my rant. Thanks for stopping by. If you hear of a part time job I could do from my comfy home chair - let me know where to apply!


  1. Marie, I am so sorry! I wish I had an answer for you but I know that with your talents, energy and attitude that all will work out for you.

  2. This is appalling! Can the union not do anything?

    A possible alternative: taking a proof-reading/copy-editing course and doing freelance work (know how much you like books - and you could exploit any links you already have with publishers - and it is a job that can't be mechanised/farmed out to third world countries. Don't know about the US but it pays well in the UK (I still have to finish my course, which I'm doing by distance learning!)

  3. sorry to hear that ...how miserable ...just remember one door shuts another one opens ....x

  4. How horrible. Companies really don't care about employees anymore, especially if they are good at their job thereby showing up all the slackers. I'm sorry.

  5. well that just sucks snakes. I hate it. You have a lot to offer and I wish you well and luck.


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