Michelle Ward's Crusade #54: Mind Games

 I feel as though time is is going in hyper drive. The month's spin by before I know it, but one thing that makes the turning of the month easier is that I look forward to Michelle Ward's monthly "Crusade" projects. Without fail I have a good time working through the challenge and, also without fail, I learn something.  I'm a little late this month but I had fun with the concept of of choosing a word and then developing a color to match the mood of the word.

I used a lot of interference mixtures on this page which, unfortunately, you really can't see at all. The interference colors just added a bit of zing - or a dash of spring - to the colors. I had fun coming up with names and even more fun matching colors to the words!  Thanks Michelle for another round of play time.


  1. They do look like interesting exercises. I like your page.

  2. Marie - I love that you have all your color names and matches on one page. I never would have guessed interference, looks like watercolor or marker. I like Day Dreams...exactly how I would have matched the phrase. Thanks for sharing....now get going on the next one ;)

  3. Okay, this page is fabulous even without the challenge. But I LOVE HUSK!!

  4. Great layout, adding the names with the colours. Fantastic names too - "get away blue" and is that "Zoot"?

  5. Love the way you tackled this. Both interesting and eye-candy-delightful!

  6. I love the fact that you put them all together on the same page, it really looks like one piece of art. Beautiful colors, and it makes a good palette too.

  7. Loved your organized thought processes... pretty piece of art for an exercise!


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