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Sidewalk Fascination

 All of the photos can be double clicked for a larger image

It's been awhile since I posted and it is not for lack of doing fun things this time - it's more a matter of there were so many fun things that I just don't know where to begin. I haven't even posted about our wonderful County Fair yet. Last week my friend Janet and I went to Tacoma Washington for the Association of Pacific West Quilters show. This is a new venue for the show which has previously been a bi-annual show that was held in the Seattle Convention Center. This was the first year its been held in Tacoma. The hotel, a Marriott Courtyard, is, quite literally , about 50 feet away from the show which a real blessing for me because my back issues make me need lie down rest breaks now and again. 
As we walked back to the hotel one evening Janet noticed the light on these beautiful grasses. I had to hop across the street to take some photos. Brilliant light!
Don't these look Art Deco? I love the lines - and the sky was screamin' blue!
The show itself was excellent - not too many vendors but I suspect that they were all wondering how the change of venue would affect attendance and also I think the economy is making vendors be perhaps a bit more selective of their travels. This post will not be about the show, but rather about my love for the newly refurbished down town Tacoma area. We had time to go the the Chihuly glass museum, the Tacoma art museum and a few other points of interest. As a kid who grew up in New York City I have never been much of a city lover but I was utterly captivated by the beauty that was underfoot in Tacoma. Janet was very patient and stopped as I simply had to take this photo or another of the amazingly beautiful iron works that surrounded the trees. The photo above is our shadows and it makes me think of the Guardians I have been fortunate enough to have in my life. Those few friends who are always there for me - and go along with my whims and help me to organize my life. Thank you Janet!
Inside of the former Union Station which is now home to the Federal Courts. That's a Chihuly chandelier hanging under to the occulus.
Another from inside Union Station - and more magical Chihiuly glass work in the windows. Notice the w yin-yang symbol in the center?
A beautiful man hole cover
This is were my attention was really focused on the sidewalk. So many beautiful iron worked pieced! The next two photos are of some the iron works that were around the trees. Similar but different. the first one really was two very different colors - the left side was very rusted while the left side was still fairly intact. I have lots more images - but I want to savor them and use them over time.
 Similar but different
 This little element caught my eye. So much beauty in such everyday objects!
 Another beautiful piece of patterned iron. There is some of this in Seattle in the downtown area and I've wondered if the same person or crew worked at both places. It's so beautiful!
We had a really good time and I got so excited about the incredible every day beauty that can become so thoroughly ignored when you see it everyday. It's natural to do that I guess. I would love to be able to return to New York City again and revisit my old haunts with more mature eyes and my camera. That would be a real treat. Oh! and while I'm at it I want to return to Ireland, Italy and Britain to do the same thing. Lottery dreaming again!

Next post will be more textile oriented I promise - the actual, wonderful quilt show! SO much inspiration! I swear our textile artists just get better and better ! The word is that there will now be annual APWQ shows - but Janet and I have decided to continue on our bi-annual visits.


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